Thursday, July 26, 2018

Just do it

Nobody can save the world alone, and very few of us make big enough waves to author positive annotations in the history books of humanity. But what we do know is that if you do nothing, you change nothing and you have no impact. The lazy who are silent support whoever are the most influential at any time.

However, if enough individuals do a little, like giving what they can when they can and publicly support what is important, we know now that the sum of many can create bigger changes than anybody could foresee. It's about having personal values and strive to be informed.

No great historical human would manage what they did without supporters - and none of the good ones ever expected that what they did would have such a big impact.

Unicef helps and saves children in larger numbers than you and I can visualize. They can only help because people like us assist financially.

Read up on the malnutrition challenge and some solutions here.

It can be as simple as making it possible for the front lines to be able to offer a small package of critical nutrition at the right time. Be a solution, not the problem. Give now that you can, don't only complain when you are on top. You are most likely better off now than whatever situation most would be when they would wish to help you!

"When you kill one enemy, you then must plan for the one hundred enemies you have now created. No enemy ever stands alone. He comes with a mother and father, brothers and sisters. He has a wife and children, friends and neighbors. When you kill this enemy, you must be ready to face the angry revenge that comes from the grief of this loss for all the people who knew and loved this man. The only way to stop this endless chain of enemy killing enemy is to forgive it. And in doing so, teach each one that life is the most important, precious and valuable thing."
[Anwarshah Anwary, Freedom-A Journey Through Afghanistan-The Anwarshah Anwary Story]

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