Saturday, October 09, 2010

Time travel

When I was younger, and maybe a little attractive, I got myself mixed up in love. It didn’t work out and it has since only haunted and hurt me – why would I want that again?

It might sound stupid for people who mistake infatuation with love. But to me love never fades, infatuation does. If you haven’t been there I don’t believe you can understand what I mean. I know many who say their love shifts, they drop one and turn to the next. Good for them. That’s not how I am assembled.

Living is surviving, you figure out a way to go on the best you can. I’ve been lucky to do have been allowed to do so in a nice and safe place. But it doesn’t take away any of the pain.

Life is here and now, so my school of life has been focused on learning to treasure that.

I find it worth thinking about that almost everything in the universe goes by unnoticed. Makes it pretty special to be me here and now.