Tuesday, July 03, 2018

A Very Exciting Year

iO Data

An interesting year has passed. After 25 years in Iron Mountain (previously Rockall and Hays Information Management) I took a new professional path in the same hunting grounds and also used this opportunity to challenge myself.

 I believed what we did could be done a lot better and started iO Data to offer newer and innovative records and information management services to a market I by now knew inside out. I was lucky and a fantastic team of people, that I have worked very closely with for many years, knocked on my door and asked if they could join me on this journey. A little over one year in and we have developed some amazing solutions and received a lot of praise.

 The other journey was to challenge if I still got the stuff in me after being so long at one place. I had evolved there from a junior database coordinator, through IT manager and the last 15 years as the Country Manager. I had been offered (or fought for) some great professional challenges and development opportunities there. Never a boring day, but you can’t help wondering if you still got what it takes. So, the last 1,5 years have also been about challenging and developing myself. Looking back today I am amazed.

Looking at my colleagues and what we have achieved makes me smile a little at the worries I sometimes felt around the time I took the big jump. There are obviously many though challenges and a lot of hard work ahead, but anything else would for sure be boring and have reduced me.

 And looking at what else has happened in the world over the last year it probably was good that I had these (for me) big distractions to occupy me…

"Secular Humanism is about greatness in the little human, about freedom, about knowledge, about responsibility - all describing our journey through life."

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You are the best, Andreas. Keep it up.