Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What puzzles me

Armed with my new marriage licence I have set out for ceremony twice so far this summer. First I married a man and woman at their cabin in the woods. I was probably just as nervous, especially worried my speech would not set the right mood. The lovers came in on the back of a veteran tractor and I married them under a flower arc with both their families and friends standing around. Sigh...

My second run was a same sex marriage last Saturday. We've had same sex marriages for some time in Norway, but this was the first same sex humanist wedding ever in Rogaland! Beautifully set by the sea in the garden of one of the parents. A smaller and more intimate ceremony, but it was so moving when they came marching down I almost could not hold the speech. I'm always very critical about everything I do, but so far all feedback on the ceremony and speech has been great. A hundred more runs and I might start to suspect it's not all bad. ;)

These new experiences triggers mixed emotions in me. While I had put love on the shelf, it is wonderful to meet these couples with stars in their eyes. It is an honour to be invited to be part of them creating one of their most important memories in life.

A humanist wedding ceremony starts with me getting to know the couple trough a few meetings so I can make a personal speech dedicated to them. The ceremonies vary from 20 to 45 minutes long and is filled with music and poems they have selected. It is important that it is ceremonious and formal, and that it focuses on the couple. This is their magic moment. Some have it out in nature, others at home or have rented facilities. In a few weeks I'm having one on an old ship out at sea and another on a beautiful beach. So far this summer I'm engaged by 11 couples to 'tie their knot'. After the ceremony I have to send in all the proper forms so the marriage is properly and formally registered.

I never stop being puzzled when I notice what I get myself involved in - and how all of it gives me new and great experiences. Life is but a dream.

"I am here on this planet to help others. Why the others are here, I don't know."


Anonymous said...

Do you believe in Jesus Christ?
You have a license to marry so I assume you must, can I ask, why in the blue fuck would you marry 2 faggots or Lesbians when it goes against the Lord Jesus? Is it acceptable now to also perform Satanic Rituals and summon the Devil in the House of God as well? Same Sex marriage is disgusting and as it becomes more acceptable, the world will begin to end

Anonymous said...

You really have a point there. When I wanted to shop for excellent food and wine at the local mall today, it had all vanished due to gay marriage. No, wait.

Andreas Heldal-Lund said...

Read my site and you see I am not a Christian. I'm a Secular Humanist - an Atheist. I would never voluntarily be part of a group professing your ignorant views.

peter said...

Hur kan man i Sverige tillåta att kriminella organisationer får sätta en etikett på sig själva och kalla sig för ett "allmännyttigt religiöst trossamfund"!
Scientologikyrkan ÄR en kriminell och destruktiv sekt och NARCONON och RDS är tentakler till denna, en av världens farligaste sekter.

SJP said...


Keep on marrying people of the same sex. They have a right to marry like heterosexual people do.

eli skipp said...

That is amazing! I consider myself a huamnist but I suppose I know very little about humanism on the whole... I didn't know there were specifically humanist marriage ceremonies! This is lovely! How does one go about become a licensed Humanist marriage guy?