Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mark your calendars

March 10th is Xenu Day International! Who's Xenu? Find your alien costume and join the fun.
"How do you steam clams? Make fun of their religion."
[Johnny Carson, stand-up monologue on NBC's "The Tonight Show"]


omnitel said...

Im with you!

Anonymous said...

YAY! party at my place. BYO clams

Anonymous said...

Your always be my best friend.! Keep going. I lost my whole family to this religion. Big Family. Still nobody talks to me because im not into it. Good job..! Looking forward to meet you someday.

Xenu said...

Do you ever wonder if Andreas is a plant by Co$

The drty tricks they use I wouldn't be surprised if he works for them.
Minton was destroyed
Mark Bunker has gone silent..
Andreas NEVER is prosecuted or picketed. OSA's are always pleasent to him.
I doubt he is free.. sounds like he is OSA agent in deep deep cover

Andreas Heldal-Lund said...

I agree: Why trust me? Luckily for me I am not seeking trust. I'm a public critic of the Cult of Scientology to make available a lot of information. You read it if you want to, and then you make up your own mind.

Good luck. Trust yourself.

Anonymous said...



name said...

Wonderful blog.