Monday, November 27, 2006

Two new fantastic American magazine articles

The first was the feature in Wired (November 2007 issue) titled:
Inside the crusade against religion.
I would recommend you buy your own copy, but you can also read it here.

The second feature article is in New Scientist (18 November 2006) titled:
Life, Death, Reality, Free Will and The Theory of Everything
It starts with an article "IN PLACE OF GOD" (Can secular science ever oust religious belief - and should it even try?). There is a preview available here. Quote: "The world needs to wake up from the long nightmare of religion. [...] Anything we scientists can do to weaken the hold of religion should be done, and may in fact be our greatest contribution to civilisation." (Cosmologist Steven Weinberg, University of Texas)

Then from page 31 to 72 it goes into "THE BIGGEST QUESTIONS EVER ASKED":
  • What is reality?
  • Do we have free will?
  • What is life?
  • Is the universe deterministic?
  • What is consciousness?
  • Will we ever have a theory of everything?
  • What happens after you die?
  • What comes after humans?
Many of which are my favourite subjects. A great read sitting inside with a mug of tea listening to the fall storm outside. Enjoy, get a perspective!

"I do not believe life has a meaning, but I find it meaningful to live."
[Levi Fragell, President IHEU]

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