Monday, July 07, 2003

Why is all?

Monday morning blues. I got sand in my eyes and a heartbeat. Nothing black coffee and extract of raw ginseng can't cure. I work too much, left the office 01:00 last night and was back at 08:00. Becoming a hermit I'm afraid, but that's the price you have to pay when you are addicted to your work and interests, in addition to enjoying your own company a lot. I am often alone but never lonely.

The meaning of It All is a favourite subject my mind likes to play with. Without asking if it is the right time or place, my mind just troughs it in and expects me to play around with it. I usually find it hard not to. The simple answer is; if it triggers some reaction and emotions in you, then it has "meaning". I don't like the word "meaning", it implies a higher cause, a better word is "value" or "effect". If it has value to or effect on you then you have a reason to do it. To me personally death for example has no meaning, it's just a logical and natural result of life. Life on the other hand is a series of impression that influences me to feel every emotion from agonising frustration to blind love. Do I want to bang my head against the wall now and again? Off course! Can my emotions make me irrational at times? Absolutely. Am I in control? Not at all.

I (we have to talk about the definition of "I" another time) am a result of two things: The impressions my senses get and the limitations/ability of my brain to process them. That is my perception of the existence of "all". "All" is again two things; "I" and "all around me". One is meaningless without the other.

Damn I'm deep today!! Better stop before I write a book.


"The idea that a good God would send people to a burning Hell is utterly damnable to me. The ravings of insanity! Superstition gone to seed! I don't want to have anything to do with such a God. No avenging Jewish God, no satanic devil, no fiery hell is of any interest to me."
[Luther Burbank, address to Science League of San Francisco, Dec. 1924]

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