Sunday, July 27, 2003

Comfort level

I have the luxury of having a job that I really like a lot, I get to realise a lot of my potential and meet a lot of very gifted and interesting people. How I ended up in such a remarkable situation is to me interesting. There is a good portion of circumstance, of course. I do work hard, my Norwegian nature makes me always think all others are better (even though I am very satisfied with who I am), so I overcompensate by working hard and a lot. I am also very loyal, so while others who might be smarter and better give up, I stay on because I believe in what we do and always think there will come better times. It is amazing to see the "survival of the fittest" work in our daily life. Not as who is strongest, but who is best fitted for the situation we are thrown into. I'm not the smartest or the best, but I fitted well into the situations I was thrown into.

My brain can not alone grasp the impact millions and billions of earth years can have on the development of microbes. Life is a mystery to humans because what we try to analyse with is the same we want to analyse. Still I have no problem accepting life evolves, like we see so clearly in our own societies and even in ourselves. Life is organisms with the ability to clone itself only almost identical. Of 1000 differences offspring 1 might have an advantage. Or one of 1 billion. The phenomenon is proven fact and nobody can today dispute evolution. What creates a problem for some humans is their inability to think very many steps and to understand what millions and billions of years actually means. To them it is impossible that a simple prehistoric amoeba could ever give birth to a horse - so an amoeba could not have developed into a horse. And of course they are right; an amoeba can not give birth to a horse.

Their problem is that they are trying to add X with Y and the reason why they don't see why the result is Z is because they do not understand neither X or Y.

I've had some great experiences in my work lately. Things are happening that I like. Now I just need to sort out the issues that makes me work too much, and get a life... Hopefully the changes that are coming will make that happen. I hope. The problem is that people like me just find new things that can keep us occupied. :)

Well, at least I am a very happy guy and I not complaining. I'm only troubled by a missing piece of my heart. Maybe I one day will get it back or someone helps me repair it. But if all only loved we would only get a lot of almost perfect clones and no social progress. So society also needs guys like me who don't just breed, but gives everything for work etc. ;)

Well, at least that idea gives me some comfort.......

"We are here because one odd group of fishes had a peculiar fin anatomy that could transform into legs for terrestrial creatures; because the earth never froze entirely during an ice age; because a small and tenuous species, arising in Africa a quarter of a million years ago, has managed, so far, to survive by hook and by crook. We may yearn for a 'higher' answer---but none exists."
[Stephen Jay Gould, quoted in "2000 Years of Disbelief, Famous People with the Courage to Doubt", by James A. Haught, Prometheus Books, 1996]

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