Monday, February 25, 2008

Media Circus

On Saturday my fight against the Cult of Scientology was feature article in the magazine "Magasinet" which comes with the national newspaper Dagbladet (English translation here).

I happen to have many opinions. Public debate and democracy is very important to me and of course I want the issues I think is important to be debated publicly. When it comes to the fight against the Cult of Scientology it isn't easy to get someone to stick their head out - since most know what these guys are capable of doing to critics. I refuse to be silenced out of fear and said early on that I would not give in to it. Little did I know that I would have to say that for over 10 years.

I receive a lot of amazing support, and of course that helps and motivates me. It is good to know you make a difference. But for me personally this battle has only cost a fortune and given a lot of grief. I'm not complaining, I knew exactly what I entered into and would definitely do it all again, but it is a little exhausting. Especially when some think I do this only to put my own face in the spotlight. Honestly, that is a side of it that I truly dislike and wished I did not have to do. I would have liked to prioritize my personal life with maybe start a family or focus more on my career. Being a public critic of a criminal cult makes both very difficult, it is actually a threat against both. I've never received a cent for what I am doing and cover absolutely every cost from my own pocket.

The henchmen of the cult is out trying to "character assassin" me now due to the article so I felt it appropriate to repeat this fact.

Internet provides us, the ordinary woman and man, real democratic weapons against fascistic cults. Because everything now is transparent, and we now can unite in numbers, we can bring even the biggest and most scary monsters to their knees. While nobody can do everything, we are dependant on all of us doing a little right. First you need to educate yourself, think, and dare to take stands in different issues. Don't be afraid they are wrong - challenge them in debate and find out. But stand for something! Only dead fish swim with the stream. The risk is that if you stand for nothing, you are likely to fall for anything.

Evil things happen when good men do nothing.


Sol said...

we know..
You are the best!

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know
people here in indonesia really appreciate what you're doing with operation clambake!
good luck : )

Anonymous said...

Good work , keep it up and good luck.
from Sweden

Gary said...

Thank-you immensely, respective to your time, patience, endurance, and most of all your personal sacrifice(s).

If one so desired, how might one contribute financially to the awareness, you are earnestly and unselfishly providing.



Anonymous said...

Du fikk plutselig mye omtale i forbindelse med stortingspolitiker Ballo's tap av datteren.

Jeg er på generelt grunnlag, interessert i alle mennesker som
klarer å løsrive seg fra livets fasiter materialisert gjennom religion i ulike former.

Religion i denne forstand, representerer alle former for sjablongløsninger som fritar/frarøver deg muligheten for egen analytisk overbevisning.
Mennesker har alltid hatt et slags behov for en "overmenneskelig forklaring" for alt de ikke finner svar på.

Dette materialiseres gjennom religion, new age, og andre evige eller forgjengelige idé-forslag (-ismer), som i følge alle etterrettelige kilder, er tidsmessig moteriktige, men uten substans.

Din umiddelbare og forgjengelige kjendisstatus, skyldes at VG og Dagbladet har omtalt og sitert deg deg i forbindelse med "Ballo-saken".

Jeg slo derfor opp på bloggen din, og fant en mann med helt likelydende interesser og tanker som meg. Til og med din Blogger-spot side er designmessig identisk til meg.
Forskjellen er at jeg er gift med barn, men ellers er like. Jeg er født på samme dag, men ett år før deg (1963).

Hadde vært fint å få kontakt, men jeg skjønner ikke mye av PGP, og kan følgelig ikke kontakte deg elektronisk.
Kommer kanskje til å sende deg et papirbrev istedetfor.

Lev vel åndebror!

Anonymous said...

Stå på! Imponert og inspirert av arbeidet ditt :)

Anonymous said...

Very very very interesting indeed.

Your welcome greeting from The United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Canada. I've been a member of two mainstream churches. I also studied theology for une year. I'm very interested in cults. I think you are very brave to do this. I will add a link to your site on my blog (which is in French). Good luck and take care!

Cass said...

And the cult still hasn't found you. Great job, man. Great job. also looks awesome. Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Could you let outside-in in LOL