Sunday, February 06, 2005

You don't have more fun than you make yourself

I had the most amazing day.

When I turned 30 I was deep in sorrow after the loss of my big love. When I digged myself out of that underground cavern I promised myself that I would not allow my 40th birthday go unnoticed.

The only problem with the teenage years is that you don't know how damned lucky you are and you don't see your opportunities. That will haunt you for a couple of decades. The thirties is a mess, you try to cling on to your lost youth. To me it was great to turn 40. I survived the thirties without too deep scars.

I turned 40 in December 2004. December is the month when all of corporate Norway have their "julebord" party and there is no way you can get a decent place or get all together. I was determined to do something when I turned 40, but moved the event to February 4th 2005. And I had a fantastic party. We were 66 people, with great food and lots of drink. We Norwegians aren't good at socializing, we are a bit shy. To bring 65 people together from 20 years of living in this city (Stavanger) was a hoot! At least for me. Offering good food helped a lot. It was the party of my life! Imagine being surrounded by the people that means the most to you for a whole evening and half a night.

I'm now only thinking about what I will use my 50th birthday for. All I know is that it's going to be great, that is, if I manage not to fall out of love just before. All I am sure of is that it will be sooner than I can imagine, so you better start preparing! :)


The soul may be a mere pretence,
the mind makes very little sense.
So let us value the appeal
of that which we can taste and feel.

[Piet Hein]

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